The Skin of my Heart

Candice Louisa Daquin/The Feathered Sleep Tell me again how it will be you lay tracks down like new paved road is unperturbed by continual motion as I stood in the dank bar, awaiting finding my junior-sized jeans found in bargain bin I hardly knew myself incantations of growing up had only prepared me to begin…

Little Fingers 

Originally posted on Bruised But Not Broken:
An entire fist of little fingers clasp themselves around my pinkie and I feel anything but small.? Tiny peach face stares up at me, eyes wide with a wisdom I can’t voice, but I remember. I have known her.? Little fingers press themselves against baby rose petal lips…

Once Upon a Friendship

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(For KM, upon the occasion of your 50th birthday) ? upon meeting pre-teen I was the new girl bookwormish and shy hiding lonely heart behind nerdy glasses you – social butterfly alit gently on my spirit I can still see your tears drip in geometric proof of…


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“No” slips off your tongue like gravy How you do that amazes me I say “yes” because then I think Just maybe I will belong But for how long Listen to the creak of the door Your t-shirt has holes in it but you keep it anyway I’ve…

Tales Untold

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forced into a crowded room never will that moment leave me savagely they barked their orders all but one was made to follow unable for reasons unknown still they beat him heavy metal tracers did surround his face wailing like a dog in death throes begging for some form…

I’m All Out of Duct tape

I scream behind closed lips, bitch Teeth and bleeding tongue While you play ego Electric violin deaf To my body language Talking head and no brain I scream behind closed lips, bitch ?

èirigh na grèine / sunrise

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I walk towards infinity. how good to ?? finally be one with all in me. to lie down, ?? in cool rained grass. to seek no more.? to lay my limbs among the roots? of trees. ?s t r e t c h i n g ?o u…

june 13

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her tiger stripes shine against ivory sheets; she’s wild, trapped by washing lines and cups of tea.?


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You lent me a shoulder to lean on, arms to hold so I could cry. Legs with which to stand. I wish I didn’t still need them. © Sarah Doughty

Grief Paints Herself Void of Substance

Originally posted on Charlie Zero The Poet:
? Hearts distended, termites feed my emotional wooden cocoon. In time unfurled. Color will vaporize on heavy lidded sunset. Tears of saudade, covet what belongs trapped in perfidy. Grief paints herself empty of faith. Weeping statues dissolve marble; only traces remain void of substance. Tornados sob. Everything wise…